22.03.2020 11h05
Water is a fantastic source of energy. Turbines can be powered by waves, waterfalls and dams. Learn more about alternative energies with our 3D documentary, Planet Power...
22.03.2020 11h05
On #EarthHourDay, host a candle-lit dinner, go stargazing or simply switch off your lights for an hour!
09.03.2020 11h05
On this day in 2015, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg took off from Abu Dhabi on the first part of their historic journey, landing Solar Impulse? in Muscat, 13 hours later.??
29.01.2020 16h15
The inventors who made electricity a reality today were all free thinkers. Had they followed the rules, we probably wouldn't be tweeting this today... Who's your favorite #planetpowerfilm inventor? #FutureIsClean
17.01.2020 14h10
The true nature of lightning remained unknown until #BenjaminFranklin. He theorized capturing lightning would prove its electric nature. No one took him seriously…Until his experiments were tested and he was proved right.
16.01.2020 10h30
Clean, efficient technologies are available to help us keep our modern comfort. What alternative can you switch to, to cut down your energy costs?
15.01.2020 08h39
Greek philosopher, mathematician and astronomer, Thales, knew that amber had strange properties. When rubbed with an animal skin, it attracts dust and produces tiny electric shocks.#FutureIsClean
09.12.2019 08h39
The screening of "Planet Power" at the SINCF festival (Ho Chi Minh City) was a success. Thank you to the Lien Hoan Dien Anh Moi Quoc Te Sai Gon team for its warm welcome !
22.07.2019 16h05

I can tell you that Felix Baumgartner is as good a helicopter pilot than he is a sky diver! #LivingLegendsofAviation #LivingLegends2019 #Scalaria @FelixFastestMan @redbull @RedBullStratos pic.twitter.com/45nnWoN3jM

22.07.2019 15h41

Saturday @bertrandpiccard was inducted in the prestigious group of #LivingLegendsofAviation by #JohnTravolta for his 2 circumnavigations. A great honour but also an opportunity to inspire young generations to discover the unknown, question the status quo and shape a better world. pic.twitter.com/lW8yIhhC3j

05.06.2019 08h39
"We absolutely need to replace all the outdated polluting systems with clean efficient technologies that are more profitable, that create jobs and economic growth. The goal is not to be eco-logical but simply logical." - 🌎 Bertrand Piccard Solar Impulse #WorldEnvironmentDay
05.06.2019 08h05

"We absolutely need to replace the outdated polluting systems with #clean efficient #technologies that (...) that create jobs and economic growth. The goal is not to be eco-logical but simply logical." @planetpower @nWave #WorldEnvironmentDay https://youtu.be/kAq0cRRLgME 

21.03.2019 15h06
One year ago, Planet Power premiered at the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution. A year later, the 3D documentary has received multiple awards and its inspiring message continues to spread in giant screen theaters all across the globe.

Thank you for a wonderful year !
13.03.2019 18h18

Que le film Planet Power @planetpowerfilm puisse aider les jeunes générations à appréhender les enjeux complexes de la transition énergétique, non seulement en France mais dans le monde entier. https://twitter.com/N_Hulot/status/1090566522114899971 …

08.03.2019 11h11

Hey @solarimpulse, you are not alone in your mission to change the world. Support from the next generation is on the way.
#sustainability #renewables #solar #aviation #AvGeek pic.twitter.com/ynlMoZ3IOe

06.03.2019 11h05
Happy birthday to Pascal Vuong, co-director and co-producer of "Planet Power" !
06.03.2019 11h04
25.02.2019 10h08

Se imaginaron volando día y noche sin combustible... para hacer realidad el sueño del vuelo perpetuo. Con @solarimpulse, @bertrandpiccard y André Borschberg lograron lo imposible. Completar un vuelo alrededor del mundo impulsados por energía solar. @planetpowerfilm en #Hemisfèric pic.twitter.com/riVyu6yHxd